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Every business needs a way to interact with and engage customers.

13App will help you to build and stay updated in a fast-changing market.
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Over 20 years after it’s creation a traditional website is still the most common way to learn more about a busines. Let’s make your’s stand out.
About us
13thStudioMedia is a young innovative project aimed at providing out of house business services with the feel of an in-house team. Each 13Customer receives a 13CE Rep that essentially acts as your employee.

We will work to partner with and help you further your business not just provide basic services. Each 13CE Rep works hard to maintain an understanding of where your business is heading so we can help you adapt in a changing market place.
Every successful project starts with a game plan. Here at 13 before you pay us a single cent we aim to do three very important things.
Learn about you and your business
Carefully select services you actually need
Explain and prepare you for costs over time
Providing a platform for everyone from Gamers to churches to simply and easily go live across multiple platforms at a cost-effective rate.

We also help content creators grow their audiences and their revenue with an in-house team that can help you target new viewers without paying for non-viewers.

Word of Life Live
Word of Life Carlsbad a small church based in Carlsbad N.M. has expanded their reach to over 51,000 people in over 100 countries, proving small doesn't matter.
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Modern Communication
13 employes a verity of ways to get support from our chat platform to email and text, to a good old fashioned phone call.
Personalized Support
Every 13 customer is assigned a 13CE Rep, No phone menus, No in-betweens and most importantly no robots!
Modern Support
13 provides quick and comprehensive support 24/7 365 days a year.
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