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What is 13?


Way back in 2010, CEO & Founder Brandon Walker sat in a small coffee shop in Henderson, Texas. Brandon had just finished helping create a new brand for the coffee shop, when a customer asked how he could afford paying for branding they were now seeing. That coffee shop was MoJoes Coffee Cafe & was the catalyst for an idea that would radically change what a small business can do.


Brandon created 13 to do just a couple of things:

Create a brand on par with top franchises without paying for an in-house team!

Make a Web & App platform with minimal management without the high cost!


As 13 started making these goals achievable for businesses, our clients asked if we could come up with solutions to other high cost problems like IT. We also found a few ways we could help our partners to like our 13Roadmapping service. We found that most of our partners had never created or updated a simple business plan. So today we sit-down with our partners and learn about them before we even provide them with one service. We want to help our partners grow their businesses, that’s our one goal with 13Roadmap.


Years after our first partner, we’ve grown and helped many partners do the same. You can almost always find us in various coffee shops or talking with a partner at their location, but we are not done changing what even the smallest business can do or achieve! So if you’re a business of one or a business that employees 100, We can help you get back to focusing on what the work you do best.  13 will always work hard to change and help businesses do more with their time & resources.

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